Let me tell you
a story:
Your story.

Often words are not enough to express emotions, whereas images have a power and immediacy that cut to the deepest part of our soul.

My name is Luca and I'm here to tell you a story: your story.

I believe each of us is born with a unique gift, an innate ability, and when we combine that with our passion, it becomes an artform. My gift lies in telling stories. And in conveying them through cinematic images.



From Australia to Umbria

Wedding Teaser


From Texas to Italy

Elopement in Tuscany


From Brazil to Tuscany

The Promise


Two Solos

Destination Wedding in Umbria


My reviews

  • The best videomaker

    We decided to get married in another area and, at first, not knowing anyone in Umbria, we were worried about choosing a videomaker. But as soon as we met Luca, we had no more doubts. Watching his videos, we were always really moved and impressed; we recognised his talent straightaway. He can capture moments without ever making you feel uncomfortable. And what can we say about his footage? It’s exceptional. When he delivered his video, we cried and cried again! His choice of key moments, set to just the right music, made us incredibly emotional. You couldn’t choose a better filmmaker!
  • The best videomaker in the world, pure emotion, fantastic!

    I think the heading of my review sums up all my respect for Luca. Hugely professional (and you can tell this easily by looking at his social media channels), he’s also a helpful, friendly person who isn’t the least bit invasive. My husband and I don’t love being the centre of attention (something very tricky when it’s your wedding), but Luca and his collaborators managed to put us at ease and make us have fun. Simply fantastic! Do I recommend trusting him to create your wedding video? Absolutely! Yes.
  • The best!

    Don’t skimp on the video of your wedding and trust only the best – Luca! And when we say the best, we’re not exaggerating! There’s no one who can collect the fleeting moments, the feelings, the magic, like he can. And best of all, he understands the timing and dynamics of a wedding, so that he’s always there when he’s needed, but never in the way. The trailer will move you, and anyone else who sees it. So much emotion! A video isn’t just music and images, a video is the essence of feelings that never die, it’s re-living the most magical moments and giving yourself the gift of always being shiny-eyed! Brilliant!!! Thank you, Luca. We can never thank you enough.
  • An emotional souvenir

    The first word that comes to mind when I think of Luca’s creation is emotion. Like the huge professional that he is, he has the skill of collecting the moments that convey the big emotions and that are the true, real, and unfiltered, account of the love story he has in front of him. It was truly beautiful and informal to share that day with Luca. It was totally natural and unforced, and the end result is a precious and unique memory that we can rewatch time after time from the comfort of our home sofa. Thank you, Luca for the precious gift that you have given us.
  • Let the fairytale begin

    We met Luca by chance whilst we were looking for the perfect person to look inside our hearts and draw out the best part of us in a few simple moments. Saying that the final result was superb is an understatement, considering the emotion that it provoked in us when we watched ourselves on the “big screen” shortly after. Everything we wanted was there: our love, the natural light of the sun, the area of unspoilt natural beauty he took us to, the looks between us, our embraces, friends, relatives, party… he managed to encapsulate everything we had imagined, perfectly, in a perfect jewellery box! Luca is simply the best.
  • A talent for telling a love story!

    Choosing the person to tell the story of your special day isn’t easy: the biggest fear is that they won’t be able to create a memory that really represents you as a couple. Yet once we’d watched Luca’s videos, we knew straightaway that he would succeed in capturing that which makes our love special and in representing it in the most faithful way. And that’s how it was! We savoured our wedding day effortlessly, and Luca was exceptional at capturing moments, looks, gestures and, most of all, emotions. With him, the most beautiful day of your lives is in the best hands!
  • Luca! ♥

    Oh my dear. You, your team, the visual, the sounds, the music, the highs.... everything was more than we could ever imagine. No words can explain how beautiful these films are. Luca not because we are featured in it but these films are exquisite on so many levels! You've gotta use this for your films & engagement with others.... your work is outstanding. My words aren't enough for the gratitude we feel. I'm in complete awe. I mean it's the best gift I could ever receive. I mean I still don't have the right words to show you how much it meant to me as I sit here crying (happy tears). Your talent is amazing. We love you & just feel grateful that you captured our wedding.
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